Mystic Uncle and the Magical Bridge
Mystic Uncle by Jeffrey winters

About the Book

Mystic UncleMystic Uncle ISBN: 0735105529ystic Uncle And The Magical Bridge is a young-adult fantasy adventure tale about two teen-age boys recruited to save a parallel world. Their guide is Mystic Uncle who trains them in the art of being a warrior. At the same time they learn about love, friendship and overcoming hardships.

At a time when young-adults are reading again, there is a need for literature that is hopeful, exciting and filled with strong moral insight. Mystic Uncle is written to captivate, stimulate the imagination, and present a common sense approach towards the importance of dignity and respect. In the mythological tradition, these boys must overcome obstacles, learn important life lessons, and be led by a wise teacher. Mystic Uncle And The Magical Bridge has been adored and re-read by young adults because the characters provoke caring, the story becomes a challenge and the meaning behind the plot brings out good feelings about self and life.

What others say about Mystic Uncle

"Mystic Uncle spans the gulf between youth and age, bridging mind and soul with real magic. Wisdom gleams from each page of this adventure; Winters enchants as he shows us how to travel light."  Ethan Fischer, Editor, Antietam Review

"Mystic Uncle And The Magical Bridge is the embodiment of spirit and hope. Mystic Uncle is a wise hero, gentle yet strong, simple yet complex. As he jumps onto the page and into our imagination, open hearted readers, both young and old, will embrace him. We know, as Bobby and Jeremy do, that to journey with Mystic Uncle is to experience life. As the boys grow in wisdom, so do we, welcoming our relationship wit Mystic Uncle, inviting him into our souls too. This story, its interior and exterior, imbues integrity. It extols an honorable way of living that young people and adults intuitively understand and desire." Esther Schneider, Educator

Mystic Uncle And The Magical Bridge is a wonderful story that presents the challenges, joys, and mysteries of growing up as an entertaining fantasy. My son was 9 when he read it and couldn't put the book down. Now, one year later, he still loves it. Whether you are a child, or adult this book will stir your imagination." Warren Schonfeld, Educator and Researcher

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