Mystic Uncle and the Magical Bridge
Mystic Uncle by Jeffrey winters

The Author

Jeffrey WintersJeffrey Winters, Author of Mystical Uncleeffrey Winters  is a martial artist with a 2nd degree black belt in Karate. As part of his training he teaches children and young adults self defense and the importance of respect. Mystic Uncle represents the character development a person learns while becoming a warrior.

Mr. Winters has been writing film reviews for nine years for several San Francisco papers. He and his wife recently moved to Mt. Shasta, California and is currently writing reviews for the Mt. Shasta Herald. He has completed his adult novel, “ESCAPE” and is beginning “Blue Raven” about a San Francisco Private Eye.

In 2004 Jeffrey Winters founded the inaugural Mount Shasta International Film Festival. Work is beginning on the second annual festival.

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